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Short cut keys

Shortcut keysFunction
Commonly used shortcut keys
F1Universal help (for any sort of program)
Alt + FFile menu option in the current program
Alt + EEdit option in the current program
Ctrl + ASelects all text
Ctrl + CCopies the selected item
Ctrl + VPastes the copied item
Ctrl + XCuts the selected item
HomeTakes the user to the beginning of the current line.
EndTakes the user to the end of the current line.
Ctrl + HomeTakes the user to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + EndTakes the user to the end of the document.
Shift + HomeHighlights from the current place to the beginning of the line.
Shift + EndHighlights from the current place to the end of the line.
Microsoft windows shortcut keys
Ctrl + F4Closes window in the program.
Alt + F4Closes current open program.
F2Renames the selected icon.
F3Start to find from desktop
F4Opens the drive selection when browsing.
F5Refreshes contents
Alt + TabSwitches from one open application to another open application.
Alt + Shift + TabSwitches backward between open applications.
Alt + Print ScreenCreates screenshots for the current programs.
Ctrl + Alt + DelOpens windows task manager/reboot.
Ctrl + EscBrings up the start menu.
Alt + EscSwitches between applications on the taskbar.
Ctrl + (Plus +) keyAutomatically adjusts widths of all columns in Windows Explorer.
Alt + EnterThe opens properties window of selected icon or program.
Shift + F10Simulates right-click on the selected item.
Shift + DelDeletes selected programs/files permanently.
Holding Shift During Boot-up
Enables boot safe mode or bypass system files.
Ctrl + NStarts a new note.
Ctrl + OOpens a recently used note.
Ctrl + SSaves changes to a note.
Ctrl + PPrints a note.
Alt + F4Closes a note and its Journal window.
Ctrl + ZHelps Undo a change.
Ctrl + YHelps Redo a change.
Ctrl + ASelects all items on a page.
Ctrl + XCuts a selection.
Ctrl + CCopies a selection to the Clipboard.
Ctrl + VPastes a selection from the Clipboard.
EscCancels a selection.
Ctrl + FStart a search tool.
Ctrl + Shift + CDisplay a shortcut menu for column headings in a note list.

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